The Thursday Threesome::Celebrate!::

Onesome: Celebrate – What’s your favourite way to celebrate? Do you go out for a meal at a nice restaurant or head out to the local bars and blow off some steam with your friends and a few drinks? Or maybe something quiet, like a nice meal at home with the movie of your choice in the DVD player or VCR? Or something completely different? Tell us!

Generally I go out to eat, somewhere a step or two up from McDonald’s.

Twosome: Independence – How old were you when you declared your independence and left home for the first time? Did you go back temporarily? Are you still there? 😉

I was 21 in 1976 when I got married and moved into an apartment. I’ve never lived at “home” since.

Threesome: Day – As in, “Day-o!” (Cueing up Harry Belafonte!) Hey, what are you singing this summer? Last year it was Sheryl Crow “Soak up the Sun”; what’s working the beat for you this year? Is there a favorite song or two on your hit list?

Last year I was in and out of the hospital all summer, and wasn’t singing much. (I wouldn’t know Sheryl Crow if she bit me.) This year… Hm. For some reason I’m not listening to a lot of music these days. I’ll go with, of all things, Olivia Newton-John, “I Honestly Love You.” (The original arrangement, not the lush treacle on the soundtrack of “The Wedding Planner.”)