The Thursday Threesome::Three Dog Night::

Onesome: Three – Lucky happenings are supposed to come in threes… What else comes in triplets and trios in your experience?

I’m not superstitious. It takes creative counting and self-fulfilling prophecies to make anything come in threes.

Twosome: Dog – Dogs and cats… Got a preference? …and how about pedigree vs pound puppies/kittens? What do you think?

I’m not a pet person.

Threesome: Night – Hey, do you ever do a Sports Night and head out to watch a local team/event? What draws you out? Is it baseball, football, hockey, racing, lacrosse?

Nope. Hey, that’s three for three: This week I’m an official party pooper.

<!–EXTRA: The topic of the week at the Back Porch: Lights, camera…

We all have those scenes in our favourite movies that we wished turned out differently. If you could change a scene, what would you do to it? How would it affect the outcome of the film, if at all?

In Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Esmaralda really should have died. (Hope I’m not spoiling anything to point out that she does in the book.) It would have turned a good movie into a great one.