Lileks | Wed 9-17

Imagine you’ve been asked to complete the sentence “I’m pleased that that the courts have canceled the election before it took place, because . . .”

I wouldn’t know what to say. And I’m fascinated by those who leap to finish the sentence. They’re perfectly comfortable with the courts calling off a vote in advance.

I’m sure there must be some instructive parallel with the 2000 Presidential election to be drawn here.


AP | California to Appeal Delay in Recall Vote

In Monterey, former President Clinton again sharply criticized the recall during a talk organized by a think tank. He said the purpose of democratic elections was to give politicians several years in office to solve problems and make unpopular decisions.

“When my daughter was born, I got an 18-year term,” Clinton joked. “It’s a darn good thing we didn’t have a recall provision. Our decisions didn’t always suit her, but she turned out well.”

Ah, I see. The voters are children who can’t possibly know what’s best for them. Fair enough. Some of them obviously are. Let ’em vote, and they might vote unwisely, e.g. differently from me. Boy, I’m glad Clinton is still here to set me straight. I might have gone to bed thinking that “of the people, by the people” thing still counted for something.