You know, I’d been congratulating us.

Up until recently, my ISP has been America Online. After so many years of adequate service (with the occasional bobble, like when they deleted my web page about a year ago) and open derision (one acquaintance flatly told me he would take no one seriously whose e-mail address ended in “”), the spectre of DSL finally possessed the household. My wife no longer has the job that had access to DSL, and she has become (like so many others) spoiled by it.

I didn’t spend a lot of time shopping for DSL service. We grabbed a promotion that looked like a good deal, from the same provider she’d had good experience with at work.

So, of course, once we were committed to a year’s service, the horror stories began. One page I’ve browsed to has even gone so far as to render its page unviewable by users served by my provider, due to the nature of their anti-pop-up software.

Apparently we’ve chosen the only ISP that people hate almost as much as they hate AOL. Sigh.