AP | Atlanta Airport to Honor 1st Black Mayor

Atlanta’s airport will be renamed to honor the city’s first black mayor, Maynard Jackson.

The city council voted 12-2 Monday to name the sprawling complex Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Jackson’s widow, Valerie, told reporters, “This proves that Atlanta is living by the philosophy of inclusion.”

Funny, I thought it proved that the Atlanta City Council is still being held hostage by the Jackson family.

The effort to add Jackson’s name to the airport began almost immediately after his death in June.

“Not yet cold in the ground,” I believe, is the cliche…

Ah, I’m not that upset, really. But you know that only the press will ever call it Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

AJC | …Jackson blocked the airport expansion until 25 percent of the construction contracts were awarded to minority-owned businesses.

Atlanta Business Chronicle | …From Maynard Jackson’s ex-wife to the widow of former Mayor William B. Hartsfield to the ex-husband and grown children of mayoral candidate Shirley Franklin, the relatives of Atlanta’s leading politicians have done business at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport.

It started in 1980, when Tollie Hartsfield, Hartsfield’s second wife, opened a video arcade in the airport’s main terminal. In fact, one of her partners was Maynard Jackson’s ex-wife, Burnella “Bunnie” Jackson Ransom.

Later, in 1994, Jackson and his daughter, Brooke, founded Jackmont Hospitality Inc., a food service company that operates a T.G.I. Friday’s at Hartsfield’s Concourse B. The term “Jackmont” stands for “Jackson’s Mountain.”

Today, the woman who very well could be mayor after the Nov. 6 city elections [Note: she was elected] has an ex-husband, David M. Franklin, and two grown children, a son, Cabral, 27, and a daughter, Kai, 29, working in the airport concession business.

What am I trying to say? Just that the airport has been a political football for as long as it’s been there, and this latest field goal for the Jackson team really isn’t a …departure.

Jeez, talk about mixed metaphors.

Here’s an interesting document about the history of the airport, originally named Candler Field after Coca-Cola’s Asa G. Candler, on whose land it was built.