This is how it’s done: When you screw up, you apologize. Preferably with a little humor at your own expense.

Canoe | Carol Burnett get apology for snub

Carol Burnett got a public apology after a tribute to her was left out of CBS’ 75th anniversary special.

“I am sorry that during the excitement of a ‘live 3 hour television event’ the wonderful film piece we prepared that paid tribute to the ‘Carol Burnett Show’ was not aired,” executive producer Gil Cates said Wednesday in an open letter addressed to “Dear Carol” and published in trade papers.

…”Sometimes ‘goofs’ happen. We all feel bad about that. I promise that won’t happen on the 100th.”

Ms Burnett, through her publicist, said that no apology was necessary. It’s live TV: Stuff happens.

Nobody observed that, in the long and storied history of CBS television, Ms Burnett is one of a handful of people of whom viewers really don’t need reminding who she is. Nor did anyone point out that, in a three hour show full of self-contragulatory prose, it might even be seen as a classy thing to simply appear without fanfare and wave to the crowd.