…that I haven’t said much about the day-by-day recreation of the Vietnam War in which critics of Senator Kerry and President Bush are, each in their various ways, indulging.

PhotoDude | Stupidity, 30 Years Past Its Expiration Date

“This just in … we’ve got a piece of 31 year old torn paper, that will determine the fate of mankind!!! No, wait, it will be determined by this 32 year old picture from an out of print publication!!! No, wait, it turns out that from May to October 1972, George Bush wasn’t AWOL, he was meeting secretly with John Kerry to plan a rich frat boy prank that, well, 30 years later, they’re now springing on us!”

We live in busy, busy times. How can it possibly be that so many reporters have so much time on their hands? Don’t they know there’s a war on?

(No, not the Presidential campaign. The other one.)