I had no idea it meant “buy.”

CNN Money | Al Gore launches cable TV network

Former U.S. vice president Al Gore announced Tuesday that he and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt plan to launch their own cable television network by buying cable television channel NewsWorld International from Vivendi Universal for an undisclosed sum.

Gore is expected to be the chairman of the NWI board, while Hyatt will be running the company as the new cable network’s chief executive officer, the company said.

… Newsworld International is a 24-hour channel broadcasting international news produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC). It is distributed to about 17 million subscriber homes.

The programming on NWI will continue to be provided by CBC.

Al Gore and Joel Hyatt. There’s a match made in heaven. Not a gnat’s eyelash of charisma between them.

So, the programming won’t change, only the ownership will. This reminds me of George Carlin’s riff on an incurable disease with no known symptoms.