Big Mouth Billy Bass Hacking in Linux

This project uses the power of Linux to add brains to the Big Mouth Billy Bass. The goal is to use any Linux device–desktop or embedded–to make the Big Mouth Billy Bass say or act any way you want!

… I propose to use the MZ104 to control the popular animatronic toy Big Mouth Billy Bass. At the early stages of this project, the MZ104 will dramatically enhance the current behavior of the toy with user selected audio clips and better motion coordination. Later, by adding a microphone and CCD camera to the system, the toy will be transformed into a webcam or a videoconferencing station.

… By adding this functionality to the bass, in addition to networking protocols, the bass will be transformed into an H.323 compliant video teleconferencing host. It will be possible to use Microsoft NetMeeting or CUSeeMe to connect to your bass at home and talk with your loved ones!