The Olympian | Homeland Security targets kids in awareness campaign

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is enlisting new allies in its effort to prepare the nation for another terrorist attack: your kids and your boss.

… Starting next month, children in grades four though eight and employers nationwide will be asked to help get families and companies better prepared to respond to a crisis.

In schools, on the Internet and in television and radio ads, kids will be introduced to a Homeland Security mascot in the form of a dog, an American shepherd.

… Just as children learned to take shelter during a nuclear attack or bug their parents to quit smoking and wear seat belts, officials hope grade-school kids will prompt recalcitrant moms and dads to put together a plan.

You know, I don’t believe I’d raise the old spectre of “duck and cover”, if I were they. If they’re looking for a success story to emulate, I believe I’d talk up Smokey the Bear.