It’s nice to know there’s still room for stories like this.

Daily Herald | 867 5309 – Jenny gets her number

“867-5309/Jenny” was Tommy Tutone’s catchy 1982 hit about the possibility of true love found in a girl’s phone number written on a wall.Although Fletcher shares the name of the song’s celebrated heroine, the thought of making the number her license plate didn’t occur to her until last year.

… “I’ve been inquiring to the secretary of state’s office for over a year with phone numbers, e-mails, everything,” Fletcher said.

The excuse most people used to get rid of her was that the numbers are only released in sequence, and the sequence hadn’t reached the number she wanted. Furthermore, all-digit combinations aren’t recognized as vanity plates and can’t be specially requested.

… But then, in late July, she got the phone call she’d nearly stopped hoping for, from the woman at the secretary of state’s office.

“When she called, she shouted, ‘Jenny, I’ve got your number!'” Fletcher laughed.

Only because the number was part of the next batch and only because Fletcher had expressed so much interest in 867 5309 did she get her wish. It was really a combination of both factors, rather than the state changing its policy on requests, she said.