The Washington Times | Polite society anticipates Teresa’s pizazz

Is mainstream America ready for Teresa Heinz Kerry, a woman who radio host Don Imus wonders might be “too crazy to be first lady”?

“Well, they better be,” said Betty Ford’s former press secretary Sheila Weidenfeld. “I think she’s going to be controversial, which is good. That’s because she’ll speak up.”

…Social Washington is salivating at the idea of a revitalized White House, with a multilingual, art-collecting, wine-drinking, garden-loving billionairess who calls herself “cheeky” and “sexy” running the salon.

…”What we’re hungry for,” said former Clinton administration official Ann Pincus, “is someone who’s engaged.”

The Bushes have been virtually incognito for the last four years. Harpers Bazaar recently referred to the first lady’s style as “Marian the Librarian.”

“Nobody’s been to The White House,” added Mrs. Pincus. “You don’t know about them. There’s no buzz.” The president is a teetotaler and Laura Bush “doesn’t even do lunches. It’s like, ‘Hello, is this 1958?’ “

Well, everyone has their issues, I guess.

I can’t tell if this is parody or serious.