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Last weekend, I went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention in the country.

I don’t like sci-fi and I really don’t like fantasy, but I went to the
convention because I’m a nice person and my boyfriend is a dork. I’ve
known this for a long time—my first suspicion came three years ago,
when I discovered that he knew the lyrics to almost every Weird Al
song, but not the originals—but I don’t think I fully realized the
extent of his affliction until I went to this convention.

can’t remember the short story this reminds me of. It’s about a valley
girl who finds herself thrown into a sword-and-sorcery world, but never
loses the I’d-rather-be-on-Rodeo-Drive attitude. Taken in that light,
it’s hilarious.

If you take Dragon*Con seriously, I suppose you might be
offended by this (plenty of people appear to be), but you’d have to buy
the central conceit that this woman attended Dragon*Con “as a favor to
my boyfriend”, then published this newspaper article savaging his
hobbies for the sake of a good laugh.