edicalTowards the end of September, I went in for my three-month defibrillator checkup. They discovered a bit of extraneous noise in the line, what the rest of us might call “static”. It wasn’t enough to cause the ICD to malfunction, but still it’s less than perfect, so they want to go back in and fix it.

This is an attitude with which I wholeheartedly (so to speak) agree.

The ICD was expected to be replaced in five or six years, when the battery gets weak, but the wire was supposed to be there to stay. Ah, well. As Thomas said in “Can You Hear Me”, “You got wonky wires.” “Wonky wires?” “They all got wires, and sooner or later they all get wonky.”

So this is why I may not be present for the Oct 17 rehearsal. This procedure is scheduled for Oct 16. I’ll be kept overnight for observation, and released on the 17th.