Tacky Christmas
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You’ll never guess what happened yesterday.

Well, that’s a lie. You’ll guess quite easily if you live in Kansas City. The lucky listeners of KCKC (Star 102.1) are now among the first in the nation to enjoy all-Christmas music, all the time.

Yes, on Halloween.

Crosstown rival Cuddle 98.1 wasted little time in doing the same, today, November 1.

Meanwhile, Walmart is making five of its “Black Friday” specials available tomorrow.

CORRECTION: The first radio station to flip their format to all-Christmas in 2007 was WNOU Indianapolis, who did the deed on October 8 to begin their “93 Days of Christmas”. Incidentally, they’re also getting their “contemporary hit” audience out of the habit of listening to them, since they’re changing their call letters to WEXM and their format to all-talk effective January 9. But there’s still a WNOU, since WYJX has bought the station’s call letters, format, intellectual property, and as many of the existing staff as are willing to make the move. I really don’t understand the radio industry.