Great for Ramadan, too! (Photo from Seth’s Blog.)

In fact, there’s only one black family in America.

How do you outrage library patrons? Well, you let them find King & King on your shelves, in which a lonely Prince finds and, ultimately, marries his Prince Charming. Because, of course, parents will just scoop up any old thing and start reading to their kids (well, at least they’re reading to their kids) without checking it themselves first.

Or Pat Conroy’s Prince of Tides and Beach Music. Because high school students shouldn’t be exposed to books that feature violence, suicide and sex. (Parents, do you never check the reading lists your kids bring home? It’s a wonder the teen suicide rate isn’t double what it is, after they’ve read On the Beach and 1984. It’s a rare assigned book that the protagonist actually lives through.)

And if it’s not the books causing trouble, it’s the computers, those vile silicon temptresses.

As long as we’re in the library, we could check @ the Library,, Librarian Avengers, and The Society for Librarians Who Say Mo–… well, if language is an issue for you, you might think twice about that one.