UPDATE: What do you mean, a tornado? We don’t get tornadoes in downtown Atlanta, we never have, get seri–*

Holy crap.

(Picture from a reader of the AJC.)

First, the spoiler: Everybody’s fine, no damage done here at casa del purpure.

At some point, if you haven’t already, you’ll probably see or hear a newscast or newspaper that speaks of the TORNADO that touched down in downtown Atlanta last night, causing significant damage to the CNN Center, Georgia Dome and Ga World Congress Center.

Then it headed east and TOOK OFF portions of the top floor of a building variously known as The Old Fulton Bag Mill and Stax Lofts, on Boulevard at Decatur Street / Dekalb Avenue / the MARTA overpass. It also damaged about 20 homes in Cabbagetown, the residential area behind the lofts, at the corner of Boulevard and Memorial Drive.

This, as you may know, is unnervingly close to my house.

Yes, we heard the tornado from here, and yes, it makes ONE HELL of a racket, and yes, it does indeed sound JUST LIKE a train, if a train were moving without actually touching the tracks.

And yes, LIKE AN IDIOT, I went out on the front porch to see what I could see, which was nothing. Just dumb luck I didn’t end up on the roof of the Cyclorama.

But the Fulton Bag Mill is as close as it got to here.
Everybody’s fine, no damage done.