Since I’ve been seeing this psychiatrist for about three months now, I thought I’d update you. The short version is, so far, so good. The long version follows…

Three months ago I told you that my doctor would be:

adjusting my medications in hopes of producing a more balanced effect. (Those I’ve taken to this point either don’t mute the anger enough, or mute joy as well leaving me feeling–well, emotionally numb.)

This he has done, although it seems like a paradox to me that adding another pill did the trick. But I guess that’s why they — and by they, I mean me and my insurance company — pay him the big bucks. The new pill’s (depakote) primary effect is to help me sleep an unbroken eight hours. Have I mentioned my insomnia? No? Well, there it is, then. I typically spent an hour or so lying awake before I actually fell asleep every night. — and I was usually awakened by hydraulic pressure in the middle of the night as well. Now, when I go to bed, I go to sleep, I stay asleep and I awaken rested.

Surprising how such a simple thingmakes such a dramatic difference.

I also mentioned anger-management issues. I thought they were vague, general anger-management issues. On further examination (under prompting and the right kind of questioning), it became clear that they were very specific, context-dependent anger-management issues. Knowing that, and getting enough rest at night, has helped quite a bit.

Attention-span issues remain, but have somewhat lessened, another benefit of getting enough rest. The doctor’s long-term plan is yet another pill (vyvanse, a form of adderol), but I have not started taking that yet, nor will I until we’ve heard back from my cardiologist. This medication is not recommended for defibrillator patients, which (as you know) I am.

So, I report that there is some improvement and reason to hope for more.

And to all reading this, thank you for your well-wishes.