The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) presents dramatic audio live on stage at Dragon*Con 2008!

Check us out after the opening ceremonies on Friday night where we will present “The Doom of the Mummy” by William Alan Ritch, and then on Sunday night we have a show we’re calling “Not a Typo”…just to let everyone know that yes, we really do have two shows again this year. What will we perform? Aren’t surprises great??

That’s at Dragon*Con, Labor Day weekend at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta.
Look for some special Dragon*Con only CD releases at these shows!


For those of you new to the list, ARTC has been podcasting our live productions since 2006. We figured that we’d put all that work into them, they might as well be made available for everyone to listen to, although being live recordings they weren’t quite up to our high standards to put up for sale.

We took a six month hiatus to get our archives reorganized, but now we’re back, bringing you FREE audio drama. The archival process is still ongoing, so the schedule for right now is monthly. We’re going to shoot for the second Thursday of every month by 8pm . This month we’re featuring Terra Tarkington, Interstellar Nurses’ Corps: Switch on the Bull Run.

This monthly schedule will continue for a while, but in the meantime be sure to check out the archives. Over seventy programs are still available for free downloading, including “Dancer in the Dark”, “Country of the Blind” and “The Colour Out of Space”. A podcast is just a downloadable mp3 file, so you don’t need an iPod. Just head on over to and start listening! And then tell us what you think at

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