Listen: Do you like to fall asleep to music? If so, what do you listen to when you’re entering dreamland?

Nope. I like quiet and muted outdoor noises.

Watch: Name a movie that has an excellent soundtrack–where you feel like the sounds add just the right moods to the scenes. Or maybe just name a soundtrack that you enjoy in general.

It’s not a movie, but the recent Justice League animated series (culminating in the direct-to-DVD release New Frontier) sounds really stunning. Sophisticated and subtle audio effects add volumes to the story.

Read: Do you feel like technology has impacted your reading habits? Some people think that using the internet has caused them to skim books rather than savor every word. Or that they read fewer books because they read and spend more time online.

I think my attention span has changed over the years. I’m not sure whether to attribute it to the computer / the web, or to my stroke, but I do find it more difficult to stay interested in "real" books.

[From My Digital Ghost.]