I say … and you think … ?

  1. Cut the crap :: Man the pumps
    No, really, I couldn’t think of anything.
  2. Scent :: "on the…"
    I never think of cologne or perfume. Due to heavy use of nasal spray at an early age, I can’t smell much of anything.
  3. Vanishing :: "…Prairie"
    It’s a Disney nature film, one of their first, I believe.
  4. Wetness :: Antiperspirant
    About the only place I ever see the word "wetness" used is on antiperspirant commercials.
  5. Cheap :: Affordable
    Interesting. I’ll bet most people think of some synonym for "inferior".
  6. Badges :: Steenking
    What else could it possibly be?
  7. Puppy :: Love
  8. Problem solver :: Troublemaker
    Yeah, you know those overachievers, always making more work for the rest of us.
  9. Gambling :: Debt
    Debt follows gambling as night follows day.
  10. Sophia :: Loren
    For men of my generation, the only Sophia.