I say … and you think … ?

  1. Contemplate :: Navel [my own or someone else’s?]
  2. In the house :: A very very very fine house
  3. Classical :: Gas [Quick, name another song by Mason Williams.]
  4. Quest :: Jonny
  5. Best friend :: "A warm-hearted person who’ll love me ’till the end" [Anybody remember "The Courtship of Eddie’s Father"?]
  6. 1991 :: The year my son was born.
  7. Never will :: "I never will marry" [A folk song. Probably the best known recording is by the Weavers. I remember it as a Smothers Brothers song: It appeared on one of their early albums, when they still occasionally performed folk music straight.]
  8. Fool :: Ordinary ["Ordinary Fool" is a song written by Paul Williams for the movie "Bugsy Malone". "When a road I’ve walked before ends alone at my front door / I shouldn’t cry, but I do / like an ordinary fool whose ordinary dreams fall through."]
  9. Unhappy :: Birthday
  10. Best man :: "If he’s the best man, why isn’t she marrying him?"