I say … and you think … ?

  1. Studio :: Ghibli
  2. Meetup :: Didn’t we already have a word for that? What makes it different from a "meet"? or a "meeting"?
  3. Ostrich :: Fantasia
  4. Jokes :: Are accordions the American bagpipes?
  5. Estranged :: Lovers
  6. Random :: Association
  7. Slap :: [see below…]
  8. Hotel room :: Did you ever notice that the higher the base price of the room, the more "additional charges" the hotel finds to slap you with on top of that? And the higher those charges are? I think being a paying guest in a hotel should be worth free parking, but most downtown hotels don’t seem to agree. I also find it curious that Krystal and Starbucks can afford to give away wi-fi, but Marriott and Hyatt can’t.
  9. Inscribe :: Monogram
  10. Polar :: Opposites